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BLUEDAC Op.2, No.2


 “Analog sensitivity Sound DAC Audio” 


Signal correction technique of  the analog terminal developed  by  our technology completely compensate for digital noise and sound loss occurring while  digital signal is converted into  analog: DAC Audio featuring  analog sensitivity sound.


“Studio original sound play function exceeding CD quality”

DSD256 Native  Play, PCM 32bit / 384KHz  Original Sound Play Lossless compressed sound source, MQS(Mastering Quality Sound) Perfect Play


 “Convenient expandability, easy use”

Easy connection through a USB, convenient use. Synchronous use of diverse digital source devices and systems with DDC/DAC functions. App remote control function allows free and convenient control with a smartphone.



Analog sensibility listening to PC  “BLUEDAC Op.2, No.2”

BIT & BEAT's BLUEDAC is a USB-DAC  device of the latest audio trend; an up-to-date Hi-Fi DAC  that can reply DSD64(2.8MHz) / DSD128(5.6MHz) / DSD256(11.2MHz). Especially, as radio transmission using bluetooth  realizes HI-FI Sound difficult to feel in existing wireless environment s, your smartphone will make music life convenient and pleasant.

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